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profile implies a varied and sharply described define in opposition to a lighter track record. a portrait of her encounter in profile

The many faces had been protected, but under their white cloths the capabilities of The 2 bodies that lay inside the sq. patch of moonlight close to the window showed in sharp profile regarding nose and chin.

low profile - a state of low visibility wherein community discover is averted; "he was under no circumstances a person to maintain a minimal profile"

It had been true that her profile was attractive; it was incredible how English girls of that course experienced so typically a perfection of outline which took your breath away, but it had been as cold as marble; as well as faint eco-friendly of her delicate skin gave an impression of unhealthiness.

Auto-propose allows you rapidly slim down your search engine results by suggesting probable matches as you style.

Up and Down arrows will open up most important stage menus and toggle through sub tier hyperlinks. Enter and space open menus and escape closes them as well. Tab will proceed to the following A part of the site instead of go through menu merchandise.

Had he been awake, he might have commanded a perspective, not just of your quick arm of your road along with the jutting rock, but of the entire profile on the cliff down below it.

So Together with the doors of late night time closed to her, Slate had to scale down read more her ambitions to lift her profile.

This one's an erstwhile thriller concerning the torrid relationships that exist within a small newspaper organization, but it's so poorly taken care of that you're going to battle to make it to the top.

To this nest of comforts Fanny now walked down to attempt its affect on an agitated, doubting spirit, to view if by thinking about Edmund's profile she could capture any of his counsel, or by offering air to her geraniums she may possibly inhale a breeze of mental power herself.

TwinChill™ evaporators supply separate climates within the fresh and freezer sections to help you hold foods refreshing.

We've got a unique profile of participant and we should Enjoy in accordance with the features of such players.

He statements no officer would ever enforce the law by profiling a so-referred to as "style" of individual or folks.

I learned Lord Brougham's profile, and recommended the information to recollect it for the benefit of foreseeable future visitors.

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